Booking now open for Summer 2022

Booking Now Open for Easter Holidays & May 2022


Our focus is on the 4 elements of swimming

Everything we do at Little Turtles comes from a belief that children have a deep & primal connection with water ... in this fluid environment they have space to expand and find self flow and floatation, rotation and propulsion, which leads into child directed immersion.

Inspiring young minds through intrinsic play ignites their body into purposeful and functional movements. This leads onto strong, confident swimming and a positive child-lead relationship with water.


Tailor Made Lessons

Each child is unique and will have their own journey in learning to swim.  Coming from a background of reflex integration and movement therapy, each teacher can observe, reflect and adapt each lesson to work with individual children in a group setting.


Space and Time

Opening the space to work at your child's pace, creates a playful platform where they can explore,  experiment and learn to risk take, within a safe, calm and respectful environment 

Starting from 6 weeks in the Teeny Weeny classes all the way through to the Ninja Independents, we have stages to suit all Pre-School ages and abilities